CC20 Series Respirator
for Spray Painting, Chemical Handling, and
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
CC20 Series Respirator_action
  • Five models designed to protect workers in diverse job applications
  • Simple, disposable, and ultra-light Tyvek materials
  • Patented neck cuff inflates for comfortable, dependable seal

The CC20 Series airline respirator provides a wide variety of simple, effective, and economical options for on-the-job respiratory protection. The result is better protection*, improved productivity, and greater comfort - all combining to produce the best value on the market. Approved by MSHA/NIOSH for use in Type C applications, the CC20 Series is used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • spray painting and coating operations
  • chemical and pesticide handling
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • nuclear facilities
*In a simulated workplace protection factor study, Bullard CC20 respirators achieved protection factors in excess of 1,000. For a summary of this research, call Bullard Customer Service at 800-227-0423.
Features and Benefits

Greater Respiratory Protection

CC20 respirators provide a significantly higher level of protection at a lower cost than cartridge respirators. A unique neck cuff design helps maintain positive pressure inside the hood to aid in keeping contaminants out.


Unique Air Delivery System

As air enters the hood, the inner collar inflates, providing a snug, comfortable fit around the neck and a continuous flow of air to the worker's breathing zone.

Lightweight and Comfortable
The CC20 hood is lighter and more comfortable than tight-fitting face masks. It covers the entire head, face, and neck - providing splash/overspray protection and making clean-up quick and easy.

Wide Range of Vision
A wide angle lens offers the largest range of vision among Tyvek hood-style respirators on the market. It virtually eliminates the closed-in feeling often experienced by workers on the job.

No Fit Testing
The CC20 hood does not require fit testing and elaborate recordkeeping. It also easily accommodates beards, prescription eyewear, or safety glasses.

Climate Control Options
A variety of optional climate control devices helps increase productivity by allowing workers to cool or warm incoming air to meet individual comfort requirements.

Reusable or Disposable
CC20 respirator hoods are durable enough to reuse, yet inexpensive enough to discard after each use, depending on the work application.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Protection
For increased protection in chemical and pharmaceutical applications, two special models are available. The SICN model is constructed from Tyvek/Saranex 23P and the TICSN model is fabricated from Tyvek QC. Both feature an outer bib covering the shoulders and extending to the waist with side fasteners to keep the bib secured during work operations. Taped seams on both models provide added protection against liquid penetration.

Component Concept
CC20 Series hood-style airline respirators consist of five Bullard components; all must be present and properly assembled to constitute a NIOSH-approved respirator. (Approval No. TC-19C-154, Type C)
1. Respirator Hood
2. Headband or Head Protection
3. Breathing Tube
4. Flow Control Device
5. Breathing Air Supply Hose

CC20 respirators are not approved for use in any atmosphere immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) or from which the wearer cannot escape without the use of a respirator.
E.D. Bullard Company products are manufactured and tested to exacting specifications. Any alteration or modification of these products by the user may adversely affect product performance and voids all product certifications. This data sheet is in summary form only for easy reference. Refer to labels and instructions accompanying the product for more complete details regarding use, maintenance, warnings and limitations.

CC20 Series Respirator

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